Canine Influenza

As you may be aware, there have been recent cases of canine influenza in our area. Concurrently, we have also seen an uptick in “kennel cough” caused by other infections. Please know that we have been closely following the situation. At this time, there is NO need to panic, however we would like to keep you informed so that precautions can be taken as needed.

Dogs at highest risk for influenza are those who have contact with other dogs (i.e. at boarding kennels, grooming facilities, day care, dog parks, shows, shelters, etc.). Signs can include fever, lethargy, coughing, sneezing, discharge from the nose or eyes, difficult and/or rapid breathing, and decreased appetite. If your dog develops any of these signs, please call to schedule an appointment. Note that after possible exposure to any upper respiratory disease, isolation from other dogs is advised for four weeks.

For healthy dogs, there is an influenza vaccine available. We currently consider it a “lifestyle” vaccine for dogs at risk (much like the bordetella vaccine). If your dog is at risk and you would like to vaccinate for influenza (or if you’re uncertain but would like a specific risk assessment for your dog), please call to schedule an appointment. Additional information about canine influenza can be found at and of course please feel free to call with questions. We will continue to monitor this closely.