Flea and Tick Reminder

FleaIf you're not already using a flea and tick preventative, it's time to start!

Once temperatures are over 40 F, fleas and ticks become active. With this in mind, we typically recommend using preventative at least March through November, depending on our Michigan weather. For pets at higher risk such as those who board frequently, spend time at day care, travel south in winter, and so on, year-round use is suggested.

Two products we've had very good results with are Frontline Gold (starts killing fleas within 30 minutes and effective against ticks, too) and NexGard (chewable pill for flea and tick protection). If you have questions regarding which product to use for your pet, please ask. With so many choices available there are great options, but not all are equal.

You can test your knowledge about fleas by checking out the article below. And to learn more about fleas, ticks, and other external parasites, you may want to read our pet education article. Remember, you and your pet DO NOT have to live with these disgusting, disease-carrying creepy crawlies!