Outdoor Danger

Outdoor Dangers

As you work outside this fall, keep in mind that some plants are toxic to dogs and/or cats. For a list of possible problem plants, check out the website of the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Mushrooms can also be toxic, and there are various creatures that may pose problems – everything from mosquitoes, fleas, and Outdoor Dangers ticks to bees and even poisonous snakes (rattlesnakes here in Michigan). Mulch piles or decaying material outside (like molding birdseed under feeders, rotten fruit from trees, etc.) can grow harmful substances like mycotoxins which are poisonous and can result in life-threatening seizures and other illness. Lawn treatment chemicals and fertilizers can be toxic and numerous pest-control products like snail and slug bait, mole poison, and rodenticides are extremely harmful to pets even in small quantities. If you are winterizing your car, never allow pets access to antifreeze. Even a couple licks of antifreeze can cause serious kidney failure and death. And be sure to keep your pet away from hazardous areas where you may be doing construction, tree trimming, or other heavy labor. Work hard, play hard, and be safe!